Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur wins a few awards on this trip:

      • Laziest stop on our trip.
      • Nicest hotel stayed in.
      • Least explored city on the trip.
      • Funniest named city.
      • Most expensive beer of any place.

Alright now I’m just feeling pathetic. We only spent about 48 hours in KL, and although we quite enjoyed the time, I must admit it had less to do with being in Malaysia than it did having fantastic company and nicer-than-usual accommodation.

It was sort of a layover stop for us, but  Sascha’s flight home was out of KL, so as it was his last two days traveling with us. To celebrate, we decided to jazz it up a little bit and stay at an actual hotel for once; you know you’re backpacking when staying at the Sheraton makes you feel like Donald Trump. Actually, to be fair, the Imperial Sheraton Kuala Lumpur is a pretty sweet hotel.

In addition to our nicer beds, we enjoyed the continued company of our English gal-pals that we met in Ho Chi Minh City. No, we didn’t follow them… They followed us… From ahead… Veteran move by them, no doubt.

I can say that Kuala Lumpur is a nicely developed, modern, clean, accessible city that seems to have it’s relative shit together (…and the award for profound, poignant travel writing goes to…).

Some highlights:

    • Petronas Towers are actually really bad ass architecturally. Two twin silver spires that dominate the skyline – we had a view of the towers from our room which was neat.
    • Went to a few fun bars in the Bukit Bintang area, even a Mexican place to remind us of home (ehhhhh).
    • We found a Wendy’s in the shopping mall under the Petronas Towers. Franklin was overjoyed.

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  1. Elli Hilbert

    I happened upon your blog by way of Courtney Carver’s,”Be More With Less” and just had to share my reaction to your STUNNING photos and AWESOME stories of travel….
    Seeing all of the beautiful places you are experiencing has served to inspire me today. To remember why it is that I am trying to simplify my own life…I want to see the world too! Egypt is number one on my list. So thanks for the inspiration!
    Currently I am a stay at home/ homeschool teaching mother of 5, running a small business with my sweet hubby… we are working on ridding our lives of excess stuff, excessive activities and excessively wasted time (doing stuff we don’t really enjoy doing, usually for other people outside our little nucleus here)….so, we have a long way to go. But, we will get there and I am grateful to you today for sharing your life with me on this blog!
    Plus, it made for a nice mini impromptu geography lesson too! Bon Chance!

    • Vince

      Hi Elli,

      I’m so glad that you found a bit of inspiration from our blog. Your comment made our day! Thanks so much for the kind words.

    • Vince

      We’re so glad you enjoyed our site! It really means a lot for you to say that.

    • Vince

      Thank you so much! We have some good posts coming soon, so we hope you enjoy them.