London, England

It feels  pointless for me to try to write informatively about a place like London.

I could tell you some interesting things about certain places in India because you might not have been to them and probably haven’t hear all that much about them, but claiming to have any sort of insight that transcends any of the billions of words of travel literature on London that a Google search would turn up seems like a waste of both of our time.

So how’s this: we had a fucking blast in London. It met all my expectations as a top-notch world city, including: fascinating history, cultural diversity, extensive public transportation, and great food & drink. I’m a sucker for the British pub aesthetic, so needless to say I was in beer-soaked state of bliss for the whole five days we were there. It’s also nice to travel in a foreign country where they speak the same language.

In summary:

Pubs, beer, fish and chips, Indian food, Fulham FC football match, more pubs, tourist sites, Kingsbury, walking, Wetherspoons, etc.

I dug up webpage of free self-guided PDF walking tours in London and ended up going out solo on a self-guided Charles Dickens themed historical walking tour which was actually really interesting. I’m not very well versed in Dickens, but it long walks with some historical/literary context are usually really enjoyable for me.

We spent a lot of time with some really close friends that we met in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to whom we are forever indebted for their great hospitality and wonderful company. Thank you Stef, Anna, Carl, Sacha, Ellis, Claire, Bella, Basia, & Mark.

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  1. Ell groggy grog

    Fish and chips, the Carlton lounge, super tight car parking spaces and wetherspoons sausages! What more could you want???

  2. Damon and Jo


    Even as travel bloggers, we sometimes feel it can be a bit pointless to explain all the details, but at the end of the day, when it helps inspire our readers to stfu and travel, that’s when it’s all worth it. Sometimes it’s nice to hear from real people instead of a guidebook with nothing but sponsored “tips” and “recommendations.”

    This was our first post of yours! We’ve now got you bookmarked.

    • Vince

      Thanks guys. Yeah, all that sponsored shit gets annoying. Checking out your site now, cool stuff. I’ll be in touch!


  3. jazba ali

    hey loved this post about . yeah agree i completely not fall for sponsored posts it kills the value of someone’s personal story and influence the whole idea of seeing real experience . By the way found your blog via Pinterest .