Minimalism – Traveling or Not.

DSC02585 (1280x720)We’ve talked a bit (and will talk more) about our travel gear and our philosophy of minimalism while traveling. The freedom, both mentally and physically, of traveling light was instrumental in our most recent trip to India and Southeast Asia. In my future travels, I can’t imagine not continuing this trend.

After long trips, or between short trips, or regardless of whether you’re ever going to travel again in your life, the utility and philosophy of minimal travel also apply to every day life. These days, when my days are much more routine than they were in India or Asia, I still find myself prepared for the unexpected at all times. When packing my trusty 20-liter backpack for the day, I sometimes laugh to myself thinking about how I packed that same bag for 10 weeks.

It may sound trite, but the sense of clarity and peacefulness that comes with minimizing your belongings (whether permanently or just day-by-day) can’t be understated. When I leave the house with my backpack, I know that I can read a book, charge my phone, send e-mails, take a proper shower (I’d need the actual shower to present itself, though), etc. There is a lot to say for limiting the need for all things as well – a case for minimizing the activities and distractions that may increase the tedium of your life (I think that’s what camping is for?).

To parlay the backpack to other arenas in life: organizing your desk, your car, your closet, your computer, or whatever other space you use regularly in such a way as to minimize the clutter and maximize the utility will surely bring about a decrease in stress and an increase in productivity.

20 Liter Backpacks

Our Mobile Office in Kuala Lumpur

Couple knuckleheads in Manila

20 Liters in Boracay


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  1. John

    Traveling and living light is the way to go! As far as clothing goes, did you simply have one outfit? That’s always a challenge for me when traveling in terms of weight/space taken up in my pack. I always want to have enough gear for poor weather, etc.