Santa Cruz, Mumbai, India

When I arrived in Mumbai, Franklin greeted me at the airport with open arms. Our friend’s mom owns a small apartment in an area called Santa Cruz that she so graciously offered to lend us indefinitely, so we hopped in a tuk-tuk for what would be the first of many of these strenuous cardiac exercises. There seems to be one law on the roads of India, and that’s to honk as often as possible. Otherwise, get from point A to point B by any means necessary.

We’ll post about the apartment itself soon. The next morning I woke up really early and walked around by myself for a few hours to scope out the area. Santa Cruz is not a touristy area, and in about two hours of walking around I didn’t see another non-Indian person. My first impressions of Mumbai were these streets, and I’ve provided a few pictures below.DSC00712 (1280x720) DSC00714 (1280x720) DSC00716 (1280x720) DSC00718 (720x1280) DSC00721 (1280x720) DSC00722 (1280x720) DSC00723 (1280x720)

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