Seeing Mumbai

The few short days we spent in Mumbai were enough to appreciate getting out of the traffic jam that it is, but not enough to really see the whole place. Aside from the tourist spots, how else do you really “see” a huge city like this? I feel sort of the same way about LA. We packed the “sites” into an afternoon, and spent our other days just sort of living and observing.

I do think it’s a proper place to first experience India, as it really just throws the whole thing right at you up front. The streets are dirty, loud, and busy. There are people everywhere and the trains are absolutely jam-packed. I’ve never been a fan of the term culture shock; to me it’s over/misused and lacks any real significance. Was your world view really shattered on your family vacation to Barcelona? “But they eat dinner at like midnight!” Honestly, nowadays after centuries of global colonization/cultural exposure, I reckon culture shock is a phenomenon that’s hard to find at all.

Having said that, I would say my experience in India has brought me closer to it than anywhere I’ve traveled before. I still think the term is weak, but it definitely takes some adjusting to things like: strange urban planning (or lack thereof), trash and filth everywhere, abject poverty, traffic lawlessness, incessant honking, and relative chaos in the streets, trains, stations, etc.

We also picked up a Swiss buddy named Sascha. We met him in the train station and he was traveling alone so now he’s part of the gang. He’s as handy as a pocket-knife… Get it?

DSC00756 (1280x720)

Franklin at Mumbai CST.

DSC00745 (1280x720)

Train from Bandra Station to Mumbai CST (Central Station).

DSC00754 (1280x720)

Ladies only car.

DSC00761 (1280x720)

Street food in the city.

DSC00769 (1280x720)

Posted up outside the Taj Mahal Hotel.

DSC00771 (1280x720)

Our Swiss friend Sascha, the guy who sold us on a little tour, and Franklin. That guy was awesome.

DSC00775 (1280x720)

The outdoor laundry sector. Pretty crazy they do tons of laundry daily here. Ain’t touchin my wool shirts, shiiiiiiit.

DSC00780 (1280x720)

More laund-o.

DSC00790 (1280x720)

“Through the legs.”

DSC00815 (720x1280)

The Hanging Gardens aren’t so hanging… They just sit on top of a 30 million gallon tank. Still quite nice!


DSC00810 (1280x720)

Breath of fresh air from the city.

DSC00817 (1280x720)

I thought my mom would like these. Love you mom!

DSC00822 (1280x720)

View from across the street from the Hanging Gardens.

DSC00831 (1280x720)

The High Court of Mumbai.

DSC00835 (1280x720)

A little pissed off that nobody picked me up on their team… But I’ll get over it.

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  1. Laura

    Mom does love that flower picture. And all the others. What an adventure!

    Love you.