New Delhi, India

When we stepped off the plane in New Delhi onto one of those plane-to-tarmac ladders that make you feel like The Beatles, we immediately celebrated the temperature outside. Hell yes!! This is an environment suitable to human life! Finally! Since I’d left the cold of Zurich, I basically hadn’t ever been not sweaty. New Delhi felt like Los Angeles in spring, it was incredible.

To add compliment to comfort (see what I did there… it’s the opposite of insult to injury… No, but do you get it?), the New Delhi airport and metro system were the most impressive infrastructure I have seen in this entire country.  We got on an air-conditioned, ultra-modern subway train that took us to the city center where we were staying.

(The New Delhi Tourism Board is fist-pumping right now after reading these last two paragraphs. You’re welcome.)

We arrived at New Delhi Station, wandering across to the other side of the Rail Station to the Paharganj Main Bazaar where we’d been given a hotel recommendation from our buddy Drew in Kochi. We emerged into what has been dubbed “The Backpacker Ghetto.” Paharganj is an area centered around a main street that is crowded, dirty, teeming with vendors and hustlers, and intersected by dozens of tiny alley-streets. You literally can’t ask anyone for any sort of directions without inviting yourself into some sort of swindle or scam (sorry friends at the Tourism Board, you probably should’ve stopped reading).

We made it to Drew’s old stomping grounds, Gold Inn, where we posted up for the next few days for $4 a day each. It was a solid room for a couple of guys with very simple needs. But it came with an unexpected and insanity-inducing amenity: someone dropped an electronic birthday card down the little alley-shaft-corridor that our window opened up into, and for literally our entire five day stay we could hear a high-pitched, electronic birthday melody on repeat all day and all night. Thank Jah for those earplugs I brought, eh? (Oh, you didn’t read my gear list???)

As it was our last stop in India, we kind of put it in cruise-control in Delhi and enjoyed ourselves. We walked around, ate at the Aman Hotel rooftop restaurant a lot (really good and cheap), saw a movie in Hindi (pretty bad, but hilarious), ate MacDonalds once (whatever, judge us), took the subway everywhere (awesome), and took some awesome photos (see below).

IMG_2332 (1280x959)

This is actually the Kochi Airport I think. Same Same but different.

IMG_2336 (959x1280)

Kindle 3G waiting for the Metro.

IMG_2337 (959x1280)

The people like, “Damn! that’s a nice ass metro!”

DSC01384 (1280x720)

New Delhi, this is our stop.

IMG_2343 (1280x959)

I read books a little bit.

IMG_2345 (1280x959)


DSC01382 (1280x720)

Outside New Delhi Railroad Station. Tuk-tuk’s for days.

DSC01376 (1280x720)

Don’t hate the prayer, hate the game.

DSC01468 (1280x720)

Paharganj Main Bazaar.

DSC01375 (720x1280)

Alley to our hotel. Yeah, that’s a motorbike driving down it.

DSC01591 (1280x853)

Aman Hotel rooftop restaurant.

DSC01587 (1280x853)

20 Liter Life bro!

DSC01583 (1280x853)

My go-to breakfast of champions.

DSC01427 (1280x720)

India Gate.

DSC01419 (1280x720)

Raj Path, park to the India Gate.

DSC01418 (1280x720)

Raj Path.

DSC01436 (1280x720)

Street food homie.

DSC01455 (1280x720)

National Geographic has been calling me trying to buy this, but I’m remaining independent for the fans.

DSC01453 (1280x720)

Out here in the back streets.

DSC01438 (1280x720)


DSC01450 (1280x720)

Didn’t eat any of that, but it looks nice and green I suppose.

DSC01440 (1280x720)

If you want me to sign this when you frame it just let me know.

DSC01461 (1280x720)

Cow posted up in the cut.

IMG_2404 (959x1280)

Another cow! Hahahahaha

IMG_2449 (959x1280)

Outside the Red Fort. All hot, all exhausted.

DSC01480 (1280x720)

The Red Fort. Not bad.

DSC01488 (1280x720)

Getting lined up for Prom.

DSC01483 (1280x720)

Spice Market.

DSC01485 (1280x720)

More spice market.

DSC01487 (1280x720)

Some chili’s.

DSC01415 (1280x720)

Sascha got a tattoo and the guys at the shop were awesome.

DSC01400 (1280x720)

They made me some Chai Tea while I waited during the tattoo.

IMG_2374 (959x1280)

Whippin that tuk-tuk around town.

IMG_2367 (959x1280)

Main Bazaar at night


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  1. Gautam

    Nice have fun, you’re in my hometown. Visit Agra, Amritsar (Golden Temple), Jaipur too – all are touristy places though. If you want beautiful nature around you head for the Himalayas, Kullu Manali, Leh right weather there.

    Also my friend owns a long stay hostel, but thats is South Delhi if you still are looking for accommodation you can email me. Good luck, stay safe in Delhi/Agra, dont get scammed and have fun!

    • Vince

      Thanks for the feedback, we’ll reach out next time we’re in India!