Sony RX100: Los Angeles, CA

In the weeks leading up to my trip, I’ve been test-shooting this new  Sony RX100 camera in LA. Here are some photos of where I come from.

DSC00155 (1280x720) DSC00243 (1280x853)DSC00262 (1280x853)My lovely mother in St. Vincent’s Court, Downtown LA.

DSC00376 (720x1280)

Title Guarantee Building.

DSC00378 (1280x720)DSC00386 (1280x853)Southern California Edison Building.

DSC00393 (1280x720)DSC00394 (1280x720)DSC00410 (1280x720)Caravan Bookstore.

DSC00411 (1280x720)DSC00416 (1280x720)The Oviatt Building / Cicada Restaurant.

DSC00423 (1280x720)DSC00428 (1280x720)DSC00434 (720x1280)Clifton’s Cafeteria, Downtown LA.

DSC00436 (720x1280)Eastern Columbia Building.

DSC00477 (1280x720)DSC00443 (1280x720)Umamicatessen, 9th & Broadway.

DSC00449 (1280x720)My new favorite beverage, Umamicatessen, Downtown LA.

DSC00445 (1280x720)DSC00163 (1280x720)Grand Central Market, Downtown LA.

DSC00277 (1280x720)Kanin Levin John Guntzelman III. Ready for battle at our office on Hollywood & Cahuenga.


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