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Minimalism – Traveling or Not.

We’ve talked a bit (and will talk more) about our travel gear and our philosophy of minimalism while traveling. The freedom, both mentally and physically, of traveling light was instrumental in our most recent trip to India and Southeast Asia. In my future travels, I can’t imagine not continuing this trend. After long trips, or…
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4 Benefits of Minimalist Travel

Living out of such a small backpack has endless benefits that you don’t even realize during the planning process. There are also things we’ve learned that might help us pack slightly differently in the future. We put quite a bit of time and thought into researching our minimal travel gear for this trip (not to mention…
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Minimal Travel Gear

Tynan, who’s writing much aided and inspired our minimal travel gear gathering phase, said, “the less I travel with, the better my experience is,” and I tend to agree. That’s why Franklin and I decided to travel as minimally as we could, hence “20 Liter Life” (the size of my pack). When I’ve shown people how…
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