Gear Review: CaseCrown Hard Case for Kindle

Ladies and gentlemen, what you’ve all been waiting for… another Kindle case review!!!

I know, I know, it’s been a while since Franklin’s smash-hit post about his Kindle KlearKase, and since rumor spread that my Kindle Keyboard 3G broke, the masses have been itching to find out what I would do next?!

My Kindle broke somehow due to a traumatic blow to the screen while traveling. I used to use the standard issue faux-leather Amazon-issue Kindle case, which clearly (cause mine broke) doesn’t meet 20LL standards. I ended up securing another pre-owned Kindle Keyboard 3G for $75, so I was back in the market for a new case.

(If you don’t know why we use the particular Kindle model we do, see our gear post.)

Kindle Keyboard 3G

After some hardcore Amazon-ing, I came across the, “CaseCrown Hard Case Cover (Black) for Amazon Kindle Keyboard.” I knew I needed something harder than the last one I had, but I sought to challenge the long-believed assumption, within the (non-existent) 20 Liter Life community, that the Kindle KlearKase was the one and only way to go. My problem with the KlearKase is that, although it is definitely the one of the most protective cases on the market, it is slightly large (or “donkey,” as we like to say), and I never really liked using Franklin’s Kindle when it was in the case.

Let me say, I found my solution in the CaseCrown. It’s a simple, nice-looking, and secure case that I am confident will protect my screen against traumatic blows. I prefer using my Kindle “naked” (so to speak), and this case completely removes so one can use the Kindle as-is. It also comes with a handy little Velcro attachment that allows you to prop up the Kindle for hands-free reading, should you feel the need. Although there isn’t all that much to say about this product (it’s pretty basic) I felt it definitely deserved a review just for the record.

Happy Kindle-reading my friends.

Kindle Keyboard 3G





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  1. Rebecca

    Wahoo nice to see that someone else doesnt have the latest Kindle in their midst. I too have the same model and opted for the leather case with the light. Very handy if you want to read in bed without waking up a certain toddler next to you if you find insomnia hitting. It has worked ok although my first go with it my daughter opened it up like a book and broke it I had it for less than 24 hrs. So I called their customer support and they sent me another one free of charge (even though I was not a prime member at the time) . Excellent customer service even when you erase half your library by mistake they will put it back onto your kindle no questions asked. If I need another case I will definately keep this in mind. Thanks.

    • Franklin

      Hey Rebecca, thanks for the nod. If you have the 3G version, and you do any international traveling, then you definitely have the right model Kindle. These older ones have a great little browser that lets you get basic internet access over any 3G network, anywhere in the world. For free. If you haven’t already, you should check it out. Super useful feature.

  2. Lawrence Fieman

    I like to use a bubble pack envelope to protect my Kindle 3G. Usually, I recycle one that was used to mail something, although they are readily available in office supply stores.